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Tell me a story - readers help creative authors

a startup idea shared by ChrisTopher Masello on 11/10/2015

The publishing world is an incredibly intimidating place, and it discourages many would-be writers from following their passion. Further, it's difficult for writers to share their early work even with close friends due to fear of rejection or ridicule. It would really help creative writers if they had a non-threatening way to get an audience for their material, receive constructive feedback and pursue their best ideas. The basic idea is for writers to post samples of their work on a website - a first chapter, for example - in an environment where their own identity is safe. Readers would then simply read them and, if the material is interesting and they'd like to read more, they'll notify the author with a "like" button, or something similar. If they don't like the story, they just exit it. While there shouldn't be a "dislike" button, readers could give constructive feedback to the author based on their experience from the sample. Aside from gaining the basic data of how many readers are interested in following the rest of the story, authors also see the average pages read, average time spent reading and other relevant data to indicate how interested most readers seem to be.


creative writing

crowd review

idea sharing

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