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The In-Home Test Your Bud Kit And App

a startup idea shared by Shawn Mcmillian on 07/01/2015

Are you a casual smoker, who loves to smoke but sometimes are not sure if the quality is legit? Now with this future in-home kit no more worries! With this kit you'll be able to not only test your Herb and get a clear reading of your THC intake! But now you can get realtime knowledge if your bud is lace or not with unwanted chemicals! Also with this future app, if your at a party having a social smoke and its not your own! You can now test the Herb your inhaling, to get realtime screening to alert you via text! If there's an unknown chemical in the air, let the app take care! This future app not only protect people and there career! But also can be the first step of prevention of vulnerability! That plagues society every year, because people put social trust to there surroundings! Instead of having something protect you and not someone! Almost like your guardian angel app, even down to cigarette smoke! So please help me protect you! By investing into this future kit and app! This is the future, can you see it!!!

future tech

life alert



safe sex

social responsibility

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