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The moving market

a startup idea shared by Anonymous on 12/02/2015

I thought it would be awesome if there was a way to move to any place in the United States with the added benefit of financing options and job locating or relocating while assisting in the financial spectrum . This would be where you could pick a place, for example I want to uproot to Denver because my wife has a job offer but I don&apos;t have a job there and we live almost check to check so we don&apos;t have the ability. This would be a company that links up with many companies to ensure you have a job and an apartment or house when you arrive and lifepools (like carpool) you there. The company would arange something like this: You get an all service package of a moving team to help you get your belongings to Denver, a house is ready for your move in and your job starts in 1 week. The company pays for your first month(s) rent and you pay the company back similar to a car payment, perhaps over a 3 year period or 5 or whatever. <br>By:Nathan R. Cerruti








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