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The same room pitch

a startup idea shared by Tomáš Baník on 06/21/2012

Do you know places (events) where people present their ideas? There are many events where strangers meet together, try to find new people with similar ideas, or find sb. to connect - e.g. startupcamp, creative coffee-place, conferences, etc. WTF? (What To Find out) alias Problem: Just 3-4 presenters have public speaking. The others, as they don`t have acquaintances there or they just want to know sb. new, they have to try contact sb. at random, or they ask sb. else to make familiar with sb. else. Don`t you think that this really important and requested proces called networking, could work much better? Solution: You`ll come to the event. By using GPS, QR code or link, the app will decide that you are in the same room. Then you`ll type your pitch (150 characters). Then the app will show you other pitches. Send a message to script-writer, meet together and talk during/after the networking. Business model: I don`t have prepared, I`ll solve it with cofounders. How about a fee for organizers of events? Thank you for your likes, but I`m sure we`ll start to make this app soon, so please, rather write us some feedback, or join our team. Thanks ;)



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