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a startup idea shared by Saul Fleischman on 07/19/2013

It's like Kickstarter for breast implant surgery. Do you prefer Bucks for Boobs? Names do matter, after all. Women want more hanging off of them. They want to fill out their clothing, they want to get seen from a distance. Whatever the reason, let's face it: some need to get pumped up more than others. Some causes are more worthy. Why not let them compete for donations? Video battles between women, and the viewers basically crowdfund the winner's breast augmentation surgery. I'd like to create a crowdfunding site for women (and transvestites, of course) to pitch their case, explain (textually and visually) why they should get our donations. We could run "tit-for-tat" competitions, we could feature best pitch videos, and we could get one hell of a lot of attention. Just imagine what the success stories section would look like, with before and after photos...

cosmetic surgery





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