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Todo dashboard with widgets instead of todo lists.

a startup idea shared by Ivan on 02/22/2013

Hi everyone. I want to describe an idea of todo dashboard. Everyone knows about todo websites like, and others. In our opinion, this approach lacks expressiveness, and it would be great if you could write down something like "Meet Bob at 8pm" and system understands who Bob is and that 8pm is actually 20:00. This brings us to the idea of widgets - cards that represent different types of tasks like meetings, deadlines, notes, bookmarks etc. and dashboard on which these widgets can be placed. Depending on a task type widget has different representations and functionality, but the main point is to show user information about his tasks not in plain text. We have created a prototype/alpha version of the application - It is working and you can actually use it to plan your days. Our current version supports only one type of widgets - simple cards with title and description. Any feedback would help us a lot since we don't understand whether this idea makes sense to other people or not. Thank You.



todo lists

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Yury Kulikov Project manager, regional sales, localisation Moscow, Russia

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