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Tour Guides by Locals

a startup idea shared by Wong Zi Yang on 12/04/2015

Vacations organised by tour groups and companies are paid by organisations and sites to bring customers and revenue to them. Why opt to be part of their moneymaking scheme, when you can have a genuine local do the best itineraries for you? Plenty of people are willing to bring tourists on sightseeing visits, and being locals they would have the perfect understanding of what are the attractions within their localities. Create a web platform whereby locals can offer to build structured tour guides that are formed out of premade templates, tied into google maps and other features. On top of that, offer the chance for these locals to earn further money by providing the tour guide services themselves. Users of the app would be able to find tour guides created by locals for them, paying little to nothing for great advice and opinions on what is the best things in a region. - This idea was originally posted on, a website that provides FREE Business Ideas for you. Bring out the entrepreneur in you and start your own business today!



Tour Guide



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