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Uber,Airbnb for services

a startup idea shared by Fir0502 on 03/01/2013

Foreigners(tourist or busines trips) can look for local personal guide/services for their needs. Local people may advertise themselves to be hired(as a driver to local places, or to do any other thing with their local knowledge in assisting the foreigners). It create economies for the local, and make ease for the foreigner with less familiarity to the country's culture, places, and services available. example: A is a tourist who planned for ease of mobility to visit places in Bali. B is a local guy with free time, family car, and wanting to make some cash. B may advertise himself as "local tourist guide" and A may surf the web to find anything matching his needs(car, mobility, efficiency), and found B. Pre-payment is made and full are completed after the visits. A gets the dream vacation, and B got his cash for cars. Example 2. A is a muslim tourist in a heart of Paris. B is a good muslim cook. A found it hards stranded in a foreign city needing halal food. Surf the site, found B who's willing to offer to cook for A and his family. Payment made, and everyone's happy. It's a huge market considering the various needs of people travelling to a country they aren't familiar with.



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