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Veo - Youtube Alternative

a startup idea shared by Steven Ambs on 06/22/2016

The problem: Youtube is the best option we have when it comes to sharing your videos with a community. Channel Owners still use other platforms such as Twitter, Reddit and Facebook to communicate with their audience. This is a huge problem because it takes people away from your channel and potentially watching more videos, and yet it's essential when trying to grow a strong community by engaging with an audience. Youtube's commenting system is not cutting it. The idea: Veo is a video sharing platform similar to Youtube that will give Channel Owners a lot more power over their channels that they don't currently have with Youtube. Being able to do things such as add channel moderators, set rules for comments, these are huge for increasing engagement which is very important when growing a community. There are two more "core" features planned for this platform. If you'd like to learn more or get involved, contact me here:

social media

video platform

video sharing


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