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Vidster website/app

a startup idea shared by Dre on 08/09/2014

Vidster is social networking site like Facebook and YouTube combined! It allows users to share videos with friends and families quick on the go. This makes it so only people you want to see videos can and not randoms. Also all Facebook is flooded with spam and unwanted shares. This site will clean it out. It will be a fresher and easier site to share videos. Each video will only have a title. There will be a like button, a dislike button, a share button, and a favorite option. Comments will also be available. Each video will have a view count too! :) For people to favorite a video it goes to there favorite file. This keeps the videos handy in case they want to watch them again. They will be easier to find. You will never lose a favorited video unless the uploader deletes it. Connection.. - add friends and send friend requests. (This puts people on the same wave length. Just imaging being friends with Miley Cyrus or Lebron James. There is no limit to number of friends accepted. Only can send so many requests a day tho. - personal messages - comments This site is a brand new idea I think will really compete and work. Please tell me what you think!!





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