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Virtual Deck of cards

a startup idea shared by Hugh Dixon on 03/12/2015

I would like to develop an app for mobile phones, tablets, etc... That would essentially be a deck of playing cards. The app would replace a traditional deck of playing cards. Anyone with the app can interact with whomever invites them to their card game. It would be similar to an online casino but you would only be able to play with people in the room. Let's say there are 7 kids sitting around in the playroom after thanksgiving dinner and they decide they want to play crazy 8s, go fish, poker or some other card game......however, there isn't a deck to be found at Grandma's house. These kids simply download our virtual deck app onto each of their devices and they can all play with their phone or tablet in their hand as if they were holding a "hand" of cards. I would be interested in teaming up with developers and investors to bring this app to market.




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