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Virtual Flight Guidance System for Pilots

a startup idea shared by Vaibhav Bhatnagar on 10/25/2013

With the launch and arrival of Google Glasses, there are a lot of opportunity gaps that have been filled. One such gap, that can be discussed here is dependence of airline pilots on air traffic controllers. Most pilots use what are airways (much highways) to reach their destination along with help from ATC. How about a refined or a re-defined version of the Glasses that allows the pilot to ascend, descend or approach on their with ATC as a stand by measure. The glasses will have pre-determined flight patterns configured into them before the flight. The pilot will be able to see current altitude, when to drop or gain altitude and nearest flight location. Also, a blinking measuring system can be used to determine if the pilot is too tired and/or should he put the plane on autopilot or relinquish control to the co-pilot. There can be further enhancement to improve flight safety as well as flying control from operational end.

air traffic controller

flight guidance system

Flight safety

Fly by glasses

Fly by wire

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