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Virtual Town Hall - Crowdfunding Democracy

a startup idea shared by Paule Müller on 11/01/2012

Politicians disconnected from the real life and corrupted by lobbies are a big problem everywhere. The Virtual Town Hall could bring democracy into every neighborhood and so make it more efficient. People could register according to their location, so that the decisions are made by those who know the circumstances and who will be affected be them. In the first stance it could be an election tool, detecting what people want for their neighborhood (similar to the European Pirate Party’s Liquid Democracy): For example a new playground. The second stage could be an actual petition, for which the site could collaborate with one of the many sites who already specialize in that. Thirdly it could be used to fund projects the state does not or can not fund, like the new playground. This is where a provision for the site and so revenue would come in. Important for the project would be to have a offline kit of structures ready for those without internet: The possibility for phone or mail elections, or even ones organized by the community itself on the four eyes principle. Furthermore the word should be spread be print outs. Best would be a coordinator for every campaign.




town hall


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