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Virtually test server load as if you had xx users

a startup idea shared by Saul Fleischman on 10/28/2013

Pain: A web application with database(s) may work fine when it has just the first few "early-adopters" using it. Typically, when we bring in many users, we find our server(s) overwhelmed. But then, having just welcomed hundreds/thousands of new users - we have made it so none of them can use our site. Solution: What say we build a service that allows the user to: 1. provide JSON outputs that test site-owner defined processes, such as searches, or other database query/etc. processes that are resource-taxing, based on number of users, and perhaps location(s). Make them JSON outputs - to keep out pests who will never become customers. 2. test loading times based on various file-sized page elements. 3. please add what else to add when you write about joining this idea. Business Model: Scaled costs, depending on: 1. complexity of processes that the client wants tested 2. frequency of tests 3. pay per use would cost more than 1 and 6-month plans 4. no. of users, no.of locations to test for Are you hungry to build this with me? I am looking for: 1. Lead Engineer and Programmers 2. Web Design Lead 3. PR & Marketing Talk to me soon in a Google+ video call.

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Samir Joglekar Software development and engineering Pune, Maharashtra, India

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