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a startup idea shared by Caffrey Lee on 07/11/2015

Every startup encounters with a dilemma whether the idea that they are about to launch it will make them billionaires or the idea will not even attract a single user/ customer. It is all, I humbly presume, because of the lack of market investigation. With fears of copycats, the teams conceal the ideas from the market they are targeting until they will launch them. It happens especially to the project groups who are aiming the overseas market. Why don't they reveals the idea to public and get feed backs from targeted users/customers, providing them a chance to modify and allowing to build certainty about the idea's future behavior. If so, they will not only be able to reduce the cost of marketing and advertising cost of their future products, but will also minimize the risks. Hence, I believe that building a platform in both app and web where startups can freely upload their 'landing pages' or 'beta versions’ will help startups in many ways. I have two specific ways to assist startups in financially in linguistically. Moreover, I have BM ready for this service. Let me hear what yall think of this idea!

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