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a startup idea shared by Daria Nekhay on 08/15/2015

Our company is a Startup in the engineering field for the IoT. We design and help bringing devices of any complexity to the market, such as: - a comb which counts how many times a day you brush your hair; - the amount of watering flowers depending on the dryness of the air and soil moisture with data transfer to an iPhone; - the cork on a bottle that measures how much liquid is left in it. Do you have an idea? Excellent! But you don’t know how to implement it? - We’ll help your ideas in IoT area to be developed, tell you how to find finances, how to build the product development and how to bring it to the mass production. - It doesn’t matter how much money you have now, if you have a desire and people who can help you with the presentation and description of your idea, than you are half way to the success. We’ll help you to design and manufacture the first batch for the introduction to the market and to investors. - Don’t look for money to start a business, think about your idea, develop it and bring it to your customers. Only then money will find you themselves.









the engineering

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Viswanath Alikonda Software developer, designer Bangalore, India
Giuseppe business/development/funding london
Mohamed Salih Pottayil Idea, business funding India
Sangeeth Development Slovakia

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