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What to do with foreign trip leftover currencies?

a startup idea shared by Arefin Mishu on 11/18/2016

Leftover Currency- the pesky small foreign coins and notes at the end of your foreign trip. The Problem: • Spend it at airport • Dump it at home • Small Amount- Non exchangeable • Exchanged at high discount to market rate Only British homes are harboring 1.5 billion pound equivalent leftover currencies. FYPTO is the Peer-to-Peer leftover currency exchange App for travelers. How it works? • Deposit your leftover currencies in airport FYPTO booths • Exchange with other travelers by FYPTO App • Withdraw the converted currency from any FYPTO booth You can also transfer your leftover balance from FYPTO to PayPal and avail discount deals from airport shops. For more detail: What is FYPTO- How FYPTO Works- Official landing page- It’s at the high fidelity prototyping and MVP development stage. The work is going on really fast. I am searching for two to three strong and competent co-founders who can act as CTO and who can lead for marketing and fundraising. Feel free to contact me-



Leftover Currency


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