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WiFi-controlled register grille/vent grate

a startup idea shared by Cristian Cocos on 12/06/2014

Problem: Central heating/cooling suffer due to the presence of a single central thermostat. Such heating/cooling systems almost never ensure uniform temperature distribution in the house. Solution: Do away with the central thermostat, and install WFi connected temperature sensors (shouldn't be too expensive) in each room that matters, plus WiFi-controlled vent grilles/grates (cheapest would be using electromagnetic latches) that close/open when the temperature falls outside of a preset range (range that can be preset individually for each room). The furnace/air conditioner should also be controlled by the central control unit (one's WiFi router could play this role, or a tiny inexpensive, always connected Android box), so as it starts working when at least one vent is open, and stops when all vents are closed. Caveat: powering this whole ensemble might be a bit of a pain. though I don't foresee any major power consumption issues. Push comes to shove, temperature sensors could be either incorporated into power outlets, or plugged into them.

Internet of things

WiFi vents

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